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The Geo Bottle You Need, Based on Your Favorite Workout

Posted on July 06 2020

Shop: 1 Gallon BPA-FREE Bottle w/ Stainless Steel Cap

The kind of water bottle you bring with you to a workout says a lot about your personality and who you are as a fitness enthusiast. It’s less about fashion and more about the practicality of getting a full workout and staying hydrated with ease. We designed Geo Sports Bottles to meet the unique needs of different athletes. Their multidimensional styles and colors provide endless options, so you can pick the perfect bottle for your lifestyle.

Which bottle will you love most? Keep scrolling to find the Geo bottle you need, based on your favorite physical activity!

For gym members...

Like all routines, working out gets better with practice and proper nutrition. Once you've perfected your gym routine and diet, which is arguably the hardest part, you need a bottle that makes preparation easy.

Try: Geo 24oz Shaker Bottle

This BPA-free clear plastic shaker bottle is the gym buddy you never knew you needed. The silicone spiked mixer works great with the shaker cup to evenly blend all supplement powders to help reduce clumps and buildup. 

For the avid hiker…

You understand the importance of necessities, and nothing is more important than bringing proper hydration on a hike.

Try: Geo 28 oz Powder SS Widemouth Sports Bottle w/ 58 mm Cap

This bottle is a perfect companion on any hiking trail. Its durable structure makes it capable of withstanding shakes and bumps. Its wide mouth allows more water to run through when drinking and makes filling-up a lot quicker. And, it keeps cold water cool for up to 24 hours, allowing you to enjoy refreshing water throughout a long hike.

For yoga and pilates enthusiasts...

Spending the day on the yoga mat or stretching the muscles during pilates can help improve coordination and balance over time, but the first step to these exercises is proper hydration.

Try: Geo 18oz Hot and Cold Glass Bottle

Made from borosilicate glass, a material with a low expansion rate, this bottle will not shatter in hot temperatures, so you can take it to your Bikram class. Unlike plastic and metallic materials, this glass bottle does not transfer foul or unwanted tastes, nor does it absorb odors. Plus, it comes with a black, blue, pink, purple, or green sleeve, making it soft to the touch and a complement to your favorite yoga pants.

Whether it’s a day at the yoga studio or a session at pilates, our hot and cold glass bottle is a perfect choice for staying hydrated and maintaining focus.

For runners and cyclists... 

Whether you're taking a run around the neighborhood or a ride along the beach, traveling light is essential, so can adventure with speed and burn calories. Less is more.

Try: Geo 17oz Rubber-Coated Stainless Steel Sports Bottle w/ Carrying Handle

This stylish bottle is equipped with a double-wall exterior that has a vacuum seal between the walls. This ensures that your beverage will stay at the same temperature over long amounts of time. The rubber coating also prevents condensation, allowing it to stay in your grip no matter how fast you're going.


Geo bottles are not just made to be useful on every workout occasion, but to also fit the style and needs of every routine. What bottle is best for your lifestyle? Tell us in the comments below!



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